Getting to Production

Source Control


Gitlab and Bitbucket Support

Zuplo can integrate with Source Control providers like GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab. GitHub is our primary option - BitBucket and GitLab (including private instances) are available on an enterprise plan.

GitHub Integration#

In this article we'll talk about GitHub integration - which has numerous benefits, including:

  • source control integration in
  • ability to deploy an edge-deployment just by adding a branch or making a commit.

For full instructions on setting up github see the quickstart tutorial.

Connecting Existing Repositories#

If you have an existing GitHub repository that contains a Zuplo project, you can connect to that repository when you create a new project. Select Advanced then select your GitHub organization and repository.


Renaming or moving projects in GitHub

The Zuplo GitHub integration does not yet handle moving or renaming repositories. As a workaround, you can first disconnect your project from GitHub and recreate it in another org or with another name. To do so, go to Settings > Source Control and then click Disconnect to disconnect your project from GitHub. Then follow the above instructions to reconnect your project to GitHub.