About Zuplo

Zuplo enables developers to do more by doing what they love, using their coding superpowers to deliver better products.

Our Vision

We want to democratize API Management and make it a no-brainer decision for every business. We do this by solving the real problems facing engineering teams, and making API Management affordable and accessible; no need for a week of training or an army of consultants.

By improving the end-to-end developer experience, we allow you to move faster, save time, and reduce costs.

Do More By Doing What You Love

At the heart of Zuplo is a respect for developers’ skill sets and toolkits. Unlike other platforms, Zuplo enables developers to always work with familiar tools and stay in their personal flow. We are not replacing their practices and processes; we are enabling them to do more by doing what they love.

Designed for the Developer Journey

Every decision we make is made with the aim of improving the developer experience. We will continue to remove the pain and complexity that stands between developers and achieving their goals.

All Access PaaS

By striving to deliver a service that makes understanding software simpler, we are inviting the next generation of developers to explore, learn, and discover the joys of software development.

Eyes on the Future

With every decision we make, we are betting on the future and how we believe the world and the developer market will evolve. We always pursue the path of long-term gain, rather than avoiding short-term pain. We are anticipating what comes next, not holding on to what came before.

Meet the Team

Each member of our team brings unique knowledge, skills, and perspective. We are on this journey together, and we work with a unified purpose.

If you are passionate, energetic, and inspired by what we are doing, check out our open positions. We’d love to hear from you.

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Founding members

Josh Twist, Co-founder & CEOCo-founder & CEO

Josh Twist

Former Product Leader at Facebook, Stripe and Microsoft. Acquired Apiphany to form Azure API Management and lead the Microsoft integration portfolio. Head of Product, Facebook Music.

UK Developer of the year 2009.

Nathan Totten, Co-founder & CTOCo-founder & CTO

Nathan Totten

A specialist in building developer experiences. Early Auth0 employee responsible for docs, quick start onboarding, and SDKs. Led the developer tooling and experiences teams for the Salesforce Platform. Before Auth0 worked in product and developer advocacy at Microsoft.

Investing in Our Vision

We are proud to be backed by wonderful and inspiring investors. Their guidance and support is enabling us to bring our true vision to life.

Ellen Chiza, Zuplo Board Member, Boldstart VC
Ellen ChizaZuplo Board Member, Boldstart VC
Claire Smilow, Principal, BoxGroup
Claire SmilowPrincipal, BoxGroup
Dimitri Sirota, CEO, BigID & former CEO, Layer7
Dimitri SirotaCEO, BigID & former CEO, Layer7
Liu Jiang, Formerly Sequoia and Dropbox
Liu JiangFormerly Sequoia and Dropbox
Matias Woloski, CTO, Autho
Matias WoloskiCTO, Autho
Eugenio Pace, CEO, Auth0
Eugenio PaceCEO, Auth0
Kathi Rawnsley, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler
Kathi RawnsleyPartner, Lowenstein Sandler
Vishal Joshi, CEO, Joy
Vishal JoshiCEO, Joy
Martin Gontovnikas, Hypergrowth Partners
Martin GontovnikasHypergrowth Partners
Guy Podjarny, Founder, Snyk
Guy PodjarnyFounder, Snyk
Wade Wegner, Product, RapidAPI
Wade WegnerProduct, RapidAPI
Jon Gelsey, Former CEO, Auth0
Jon GelseyFormer CEO, Auth0
Federico Jack, Investor, Auth0, Satellogic
Federico JackInvestor, Auth0, Satellogic

Company Address

Zuplo, Inc.
113 Cherry St, PMB #29897
Seattle, WA 98104

Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge