Zuplo vs. AWS

Choosing the Right API Management Tool

Zuplo isn't just another API Management tool; We’re what happens when you get tired of using expensive legacy products like AWS API Gateway… You know the ones that aren’t innovating to optimize your API development journey. Zuplo has done things differently by supporting multi-cloud environments, making API security a breeze automating developer documentation, and helping you monetize your APIs.

Why Zuplo over AWS API Gateway?#

How Zuplo outshines AWS API Gateway in cost and complexity

No Environment Limitation: When Multi-Cloud is a Must#

As organizations grow and scale, 98% choose to embrace a multi-cloud strategy with its inherent flexibility and adaptability. While AWS API Gateway is deeply integrated with the AWS ecosystem, it limits you to its environment, potentially hindering your growth and flexibility. Zuplo supports proxying your APIs wherever they may live, be it AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or beyond. You can then add policies for API security in minutes, and deploy these proxies to 300+ datacenters around the world in <30 seconds with a simple git push.

I’ve been using AWS API Gateway for as long as I can remember, Zuplo feels light years ahead in enhancing developer productivity. Thanks for building this.
Stul Rai, Co-founder and CEO Sortin

Secure Your APIs Faster: Keep it Simple#

With API attacks up 400% in 2023, security is a must when building best-in-class APIs. AWS lacks built-in support for API key authentication for public APIs, requiring the setup of either Amazon Cognito or a Lambda authorizer. This not only complicates the process but also ties you down to using multiple AWS services, with unpredictable costs. Zuplo allows you to add authentication/authorization to your API in minutes.. It supports API key and JWT management, along with integrations for external identity providers, making it a breeze to secure your APIs.Moreover, Zuplo lets your customers manage their own keys through our autogenerated developer portal - say goodbye to support tickets!

Amazon has a decent product (API Gateway) but it falls short with user-friendliness and ease of deployment and management particularly when compared with other competing platforms.
Gartner Peer Reviews

Documenting APIs: Automate Syncing, So You Can Focus On Building#

Amazon API Gateway offers a Serverless Developer Portal which has not been updated significantly since early 2022 … enter "maintenance mode". Documentation is often the first interaction a developer has with your API, and a seamless experience can make a big difference. Zuplo’s Developer Portal is autogenerated from your OpenAPI spec and includes built-in API key management and usage analytics for your users. You’ll never have to waste time syncing your documentation with your actual implementation again - eliminating customer complaints about out-of-date docs. Zuplo also supports self-serve monetization hosted directly from your developer portal.

I have a very high bar when it comes to dev-tooling, and Zuplo has exceeded my expectations. I have had countless "aha" moments while setting this up, and I could go on about each and every one of them, but there are simply too many to mention.
Akush Agarwal Chief Architect Co Create

Monetization: Your API$$$#

Monetizing APIs is a direct way to generate value from your digital assets, expected to generate businesses $72.6B by 2033. Unfortunately, AWS falls short and does not support monetizing your APIs, forcing you to use expensive third-party vendors that handle your organization’s financial data and customer’s sensitive information. Zuplo seamlessly integrates with Stripe to monetize your APIs - enabling a straightforward and secure path to revenue generation. The combination of Zuplo’s superior DevX & performance and Stripe’s secure and flexible monetization offerings makes Zuplo the most configurable and affordable solution for API monetization.

Detailed API management platform comparison: Zuplo vs. Amazon API Gateway#

FeatureZuploAmazon API Gateway
Cost- Free: Up to 100K requests/month.
- $500/month for up to 1M requests, 99% SLA, and $25/month for an extra domain.
- Enterprise package with 99.9% SLA.
- Free tier allows 1M requests/month, but only for your first 12 months.
- Pay-as-you-go pricing per million API calls received.
Deployment optionsFully managed and auto-scaled, with deployments to 300+ edge data centers for 50ms response times around the world.Fully managed service that runs on AWS only—if your backend service runs in a different cloud, your response times will suffer.
SecuritySecure tunneling connection based on WireGuard technology to secure backend connections on private or public clouds.AWS WAF and mutual TLS supported on REST APIs.
Rate limitingOne-click support for per API, per user, or per API key rate limits, or dynamic customizations with TypeScript.Support for throttling and quotas per region, account, API, and client.
GitOps supportGateway configurations are stored in version control-friendly files, and Git integrations sync desired state with existing CI/CD pipelines.No support—configuration of API gateways happens through the AWS console.
Customization & programmabilityTypeScript-based policy and business logic customizations that deploy and run natively on the API gateway.Only via API calls to Lambda, which is slow and cumbersome.
AuthenticationSupport for API key and JWT management, and external identity providers. Includes unlimited keys, end-user self-service, rate limiting per API key, and open-source React integrations.No support for using API key authentication for public APIs. For JWTs, you must use Amazon Cognito or a Lambda authorizer.
Developer environmentsUnlimited environments for previews, testing, and production created in seconds by creating a new Git branch.Not supported. 💔
OpenAPI supportSupport for importing OpenAPI definition for API-first workflows. Additional policies support OpenAPI compliance with request/response inspection.Support for importing an OpenAPI definition to create an HTTP API with routes, integrations, and API models.
Stripe-like developer portalAutomatic builds and deployments using an OpenAPI definition, with built-in API key authentication, for beautiful documentation.No built-in developer portal.
Multi-cloudRoute to multiple backends with unified API policies for consistent authentication, logging, metrics, and more.Not supported.
High availabilityBuilt-in and included in all tiers.Built-in through AWS Regions and Availability Zones.
Integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF)Built-in for all edge deployments, in partnership with Cloudflare.Supported for REST APIs via AWS WAF.

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